Does art matter?

If you think you’ve ended up on a classical artsy/fancy blog, think again.

Serious stuff going on here. Or at least, that’s what I repute myself doing.

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a long time now, and if I had to sum up my thoughts in like three words, I think they would be ‘Does art matter?’. Although the answer may appear quite clear (why on earth set up a blog on art, if there’s no point in it?), the aim of this blog is to explore this idea even further. In what sense can we say that art matters? What has art to tell us? Is it life that influences art or art that influcences life (alright, we may be getting a little bit too pretentious here).

In any case, here’s the blog. A blank canvas in which to sketch thoughts and ideas, in which to paint my own answers to these questions. And of course, the way I’ll be doing that will be through art.

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