Friday Thoughts about Dubai


Today it’s exactly one week I’ve left Dubai. If I had to condense my experience in one image, it would probably be the one up here: almost annoyingly colourful, desperately trying to be modern and Western, trendy and shiny. The text in the middle of the image says ‘In here it’s always Friday’, which captures the feeling I had during my sojourn to be always partying, as I worked only in the mornings, and lived the life of a tourist for most of the time. It also says something about the idea of having Friday as ‘the’ day off, which was something it took me a while to get used to. Lastly, the picture was taken in the Mall of the Emirates, which is not so much an iconic building as a typicality of Dubai. Inevitably, malls are almost institutions in a city that is all about buying and modernity. I’ve heard people expressing negative opinions at such a materialistic culture, which appears devoid of any tradition. However, during my time there, I tried my best to see and judge Dubai with my own eyes, and I must say that what I could see simply felt different from what I was used to, but not necessarily to be despised thereof. All in all, Dubai left me with memories of breathtaking places, encounters with amazing people, and an immersion in art – what more could you ask for?


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